2018 Solo Exhibition - The Portland Gallery, London, 27th September - 12th October

In 1990, we held our first Archie Forrest exhibition. Since then his paintings have gone from strength to strength, bringing joy to collectors worldwide. We are delighted to now be holding our eleventh Forrest solo exhibition.

For this body of work, Archie describes that he has painted, “what I like to see in a gallery”. Even upon a cursory glance you will see that, like a wand, his paintbrush has magically created an ensemble, taking artistic cues from many of the great paintings he has seen, to create his own joyful symphonies of colour, form and light. There is little wonder that he is regarded as Scotland’s leading contemporary Colourist painter and the natural successor to Cadell and Peploe.

While concentrating on still life, the exhibition also takes us on Archie’s artistic pilgrimage to the South of France that he makes most years with his wife, Linda. From the Jewel toned still life in his Glasgow studio - an opulent suite of rooms in a late victorian apartment decked with dark wood, stained glass and copper fittings - we travel with them to the medieval hilltop village of St Paul de Vence. Here they stay at the renowned Colombe d’Or and pay homage to one of modern art’s homes on the French Riviera. Not only has the hotel counted many of the best-known twentieth century artists as guests - works by Picasso, Braque, Matisse, Leger and Calder adorn its walls and grounds - its raison d’être is bon vivance; good food, good times, a place to eat heartily and drink well. It is hard to think of a place where Archie would be more at home.

We feel very privileged that, throughout September and October, the gallery will be filled with over forty of Archie’s colourful and energetic canvases. These bold new works will not disappoint.