Balbirnie House

The most special thing ever to be introduced into Fife's Grade A Listed National treasure!!!
Archie Forrest - Scotland's leading contemporary Colourist, and a totally unique artwork project at Fife's Balbirnie House. 
Footage produced in-house via Balbirnie's editing suite, also celebrating art in and around our Orangery.

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Black Fairy Lunch

Last Sunday I attended Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery for the annual Black Fairy Lunch.

For those of you who don't know, Jeanie Rae who set up The Black Fairy Lunch is an incredible woman who has battled cancer for many years. Jeanie, alongside Ryan James (owner of The Two Fat Ladies Restaurant group) decided to hold an annual lunch at The Buttery 7 years ago and named it The Black Fairy Lunch. 

Jeanie's husband approached me many years ago and asked me to paint a black fairy. When Jeanie was in hospital battling cancer, she felt so helpless and utterly despairing. She asked herself "Where on earth am I going to get the strength to get through this?" That was when the fairy landed on her chest. A small, dark-skinned, comforting fairy.

We made 12 hand-signed prints of the fairy and sold them for £1000 each. Since then, Jeanie's son Neil has sold smaller prints through his gallery, Arteries in Glasgow (just off Sauchiehall Street). To this day, Jeanie and Ryan continue to do incredible work to raise money for cancer research. 

I have just found out that we managed to raise over £9500 last Sunday. If you would like to donate to The Beatson Cancer Charity, you can do so by clicking on the link below.

Jeanie Rae, front, pictured with one of the supporters of The Black Fairy Lunch, Jeweller Roddy Sheridan, Debbie Money, of Chas, and Ryan James

Black Fairy Lunch

Monklands Satellite Beatson

Here are some photographs of the new Monklands Satellite Beatson. Last year I was asked to donate some of my time to produce some arty things for the fabric of the building. The idea was to bring outside elements inside. Treatment must be more comfortable when the place looks as good as this.


Archie Forrest will feature in a mixed exhibition at London's Portland Gallery

Archie Forrest is to feature in a mixed summer exhibition at The Portland Gallery, London, which opens on the 27th of July 2016.


27 July - 9 September 2016

A carefully curated selection of some of the best works currently being produced by our contemporary artists, alongside good examples of Modern British works which we currently hold. 

It goes without saying that each artist has their own unique vision, but there is an interesting synergy between many of our living artists and those that came before them and by bringing them together our objective is to illustrate these connections and influences to show how some current artists have tackled similar subjects and techniques, yet still have developed their own unique bodies of work. 

Many of the artists included in this e-catalogue will be having solo shows at Portland Gallery in the coming year and this collection previews some of the works which will be included in those exhibitions. If you would like to be notified of any of their shows in advance, please do let us know and we will keep you informed.

For all enquiries, please contact The Portland Gallery on +44 (0) 20 7493 1888


Warm Table

Warm Table

Glasgow Jug with Jade Basket

Glasgow Jug with Jade Basket